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The art of mastering is a complicated process in which it is necessary to take into account, above all, respect for the musical program you are working with and the artist.

Sometimes it is necessary to leave the digital world and work in the analog world, but it all depends on whether the music program requires it or not. Sometimes a combination of both is necessary. In delpinomix the studio is a hybrid and has high-end AD/DA converters and a highly versatile analog mastering chain, capable of working in Mid/Side, parallel or serial modes.

Whenever it is necessary to improve the mastering, a mix feedback will be provided.

All types of formats are accepted, preferably Wav or Aiff.

Bit depth/resolution and Sample rate, it is always better to keep the values at which they were recorded. I will make the necessary conversions for the different formats, either for vinyl, cd or streaming.

If possible, don't use any plugin in the master bus and it's always convenient to leave a minimum of 3 dB of Headroom.
If plugins are to be used on the master bus, send one version with the plugins connected and another without them.

Fader in or fader out, it is better to leave it to the mastering engineer.

The delivery will be made in the chosen format, either for vinyl or for CD (DDP file for the factory). Streaming format is always included.

UPC/EAN IRSC codes will be inserted if needed.

Mastering can also be done if Stems are received instead of a stereo file.
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